Welcome to MediaRoo – your media insurance broker.



MediaRoo is a specialist media insurance broker. We will source, negotiate, and place your media insurance coverage for you.


For Feature Film and Television productions, we can advise on, and arrange, pre-production, production and post-production cover, as well as insurances that are required for distribution.


For creative content providers, we can insure not only equipment and your Public Liability, but also against Errors and Omissions on your Vlog, Blog, Social Media, or website.


For over a decade, Andrew has been looking after insurance requirements on behalf of UK-based businesses and individuals involved in the Film, TV, Entertainment, Creative, and Media industries.


We also insure the businesses that support them, such as equipment rental companies, freelancers and PR or events companies.


Clients & Services

HOW WE DO IT (& what makes us different)

Andrew Leen, media insurance expert, founded MediaRoo to show you the best, personal service we can.


So we do.


What makes us different is that we aim to help your business get things done, by going the extra mile.


We do this in the following ways:


One of the areas Andrew has personally championed over the years, is education.

During the insurance process, MediaRoo will advise and educate you, drawing on over a decade of our own experiences and those of our clients. We do this to help minimise the risk to your business.

We present this to you in plain English, so that you understand the exposures facing your business and the options available to you.


As a specialist media insurance broker, our aim is to protect your business with the best insurance protection we can provide within your budget.

At MediaRoo, we translate the jargon for you – no hard sell – just consultation, education, and presentation of the options, so that you can make an informed decision. Once you’ve decided to insure with us, we’ll take care of things behind the scenes, so you can focus on the bigger picture…

Taking Care of (your) Business

If a claim arises, we won’t palm you off to a call centre – we’ll manage the claim for you and help you swiftly through the process, always ensuring that your interests, as our client, are protected. We’ll deal with the insurance companies, the loss adjusters and any third parties on your behalf, so you don’t have to.


We’ll fight your corner.


We support the media industry in many ways as, without it, we wouldn’t be in business.

So, we will support you during the early stages of your business, or during times of change, or if you simply run into an issue that you need help with. Pick up the phone, give us a call, or drop us a line.

You will always be treated fairly, and as an individual or an individual business (because you are). We will take the time to understand your business or project, and identify your specific needs.


Sometimes, there are areas of your business that may require another specialist – for example, raising finance, legal work, accountancy services, locations management, specialist equipment, or production services.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your business, we will do our best to connect you with people that we know, who may be able to help you – think of it as a value-added service we are happy to provide, with no obligation, and with no strings attached.

You are free to connect, or choose not to.


MediaRoo’s core belief is that you reap what you sow. So, we choose to sow good stuff.

We do what we do, because we value the contribution that the UK Media Industry makes to the whole economy. By educating it, protecting, supporting and connecting it, we all prosper.

We do what we do, because believe that stories are meant to be told, as they add colour and richness to our lives.

We do what we do because MediaRoo’ believe everyone in the media industry is an important part of the same jigsaw – we don’t make sense on our own, but together we complete the picture.

About Us

Adding Value

Andrew is a firm believer that imparting knowledge is the ‘grease that oils the wheels’, as it makes everyone’s life a little easier.

Having presented at seminars and workshops for the likes of Film London, The Guild of Television Cameramen, The Brit School, as well as other groups, businesses and collectives, Andrew can present a talk to you, your organisation, or your membership, on many media-insurance related topics, or simply relate some experiences that he has had along the way.

Call MediaRoo to discuss Andrew speaking at your event, fee free.

Thanks…for your work on this (claim), I’m obviously very satisfied with the outcome but more than that I’m extremely pleased with the level of service that I’ve received from you. I personally leave this small saga – which to you is probably just another day at the office – with a new sense of enthusiasm for insurance that previously I never knew was possible. Thanks for all your time and patience.

James Whyard

Whyard Audio
I first met Andrew over ten years ago when we were both presenting at a broadcast industry event, and I have used and recommended his services ever since.

People deal with people, and nowhere is this better exemplified than in the broadcast and media industry, which is largely populated by freelance operators and SME service businesses. These people prefer to develop a relationship with financial services people who they can trust and rely on, and in that context I have always been confident recommending Andrew to take care of their insurance requirements. I am delighted he has now struck out on his own and have no doubt he will continue to offer the same levels of expert service and advice.

Adamantean Limited
We at Progressive Broadcast Hire have known Andrew for more than ten years. We have always found him to be reliable, honest and very straightforward to deal with.

When we did need to make a claim after a robbery, we found Andrew enormously supportive in what was a tremendously stressful time, so when we discovered that Andrew had started his own business, we did not hesitate to bring our business to him immediately.


Progressive Broadcast Hire
I have known Andrew for over a decade now and he is by far and away the most competent and the most helpful insurance broker I have ever worked with. He has a great ability to convert insurance-speak into plain English and he always puts in a tremendous effort to find the best policies for my often unconventional requirements. The service he gives is highly personalised and very personable, and when it comes to making an insurance claim he is really supportive and dedicates himself to ensuring the best possible outcome.


Entertaining TV
Having previously met Andrew through LinkedIn, a new company I was incorporating was in need of liability and equipment insurance. Being quite early in my career, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of premiums and what I required. With Andrew’s incredibly trustworthy approach and years of experience, what seemed like a very daunting process was made stress-free and informative. I cannot recommend Andrew and MediaRoo enough!

Lowkey Films