MediaRoo likes to work with a broad range of clients in the media sector, which include (but are not limited to):

Feature Film / Motion Picture / Movie Production / Filmakers

TV / Video / Online Production Companies

Fixed Rig camera operators

Trade Associations / Membership Bodies / Affinity Groups

Content creators – vloggers, bloggers, animators, social media and web design companies

Post-production / Audio visual post houses and facilities companies

Studios and playout facilities

Film Schools

Broadcast Equipment Rental companies and other media equipment suppliers


Events companies

Music production companies


We like to help in any way we can:

  • Sourcing, negotiating and placing your insurance cover
  • Offering clear, impartial advice – free of charge
  • Speaking at workshops, seminars and other events to educate on all things insurance – this is free too!
  • Developing bespoke arrangements for membership bodies and their members
  • Supporting your business through times of change
  • Managing the claims process on your behalf, to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Helping you and the industry flourish, through identifying solutions, or connecting you with those that can


As well as sourcing the insurance you need, MediaRoo can offer further support through it’s ‘Nice Network’ of like-minded people we have met over the years, and who want to support the industry, just as we do.

We can put you in contact with film financiers, lawyers, accountants, equipment suppliers, location managers and a host of other support services you may need from time to time. We don’t charge you for this service – we just think it helps.

The media industry can benefit greatly from their own ‘trusted community’, so we are doing our bit to make this a reality, as everyone wins when stuff gets done. Let us know if you have a particular service you are looking for, and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

If you’d like to be considered for the Nice Network, and believe that you have something to offer the media community, please get in touch for an initial conversation, and let’s see where it leads.