Raindance film festival

I Am Gen Z Premier at The Raindance Film Festival

As part of the Raindance Film Festival, I am Gen Z (Produced by the amazing Chantelle de Carvalho and Directed/Edited by the very talented Liz Smith) had its premiere at Genesis in London’s East End on Thursday 4th November, and the film was a sell-out hit!

Andrew was in attendance at the premier and had the following to say about his Clients’ work;

 “I’d already seen some of the other documentaries on social networks and the tactics that they employ to gain our attention, but this film comes from a completely different angle.

 As a father to two Gen Zedders (please don’t confuse them with Millennials!), this film opened my eyes to the impact on their lives from some of the tools that big tech companies are employing to modify our children’s behaviours for profit, at a time when their brains are still developing.  The unconscious influences that our children at subjected to would make any parent sit up and take notice and from an educational standpoint this film is incredibly important, somewhat distressing, yet ultimately hopeful.  I urge you to see it to understand better what your child’s existence looks like, and the challenges they face from the content that is constantly served to them.

 It has been an honour for MediaRoo to be associated with this important documentary – I am Gen Z is the most digitally-connected, compassionate, empathetic and socially-aware group that has ever walked the face of the planet, and if we use our time with our children to guide them along the right path, then I am sure that they will be the generation to solve many of the issues that society and the planet currently face.”

 You can view I am Gen Z on Curzon Home Cinema during the festival, and if you would like to show the film at your local school or educational facility, you can register for an educator licence for this at https://iamgenzfilm.com/screenings/

Chantelle de Carvalho at the Raindance film festival - I am GenZ premier I am Gen Z film premier at the Raindance film festival  Raindance film festival