MediaRoo gets a helping hand over the summer holidays.

MediaRoo Gets A Helping Hand This Summer

Alex Brooks – Welcome to MediaRoo!

In July 2023, MediaRoo welcomed a new member of the team, Andrew Leen’s nephew, Alex Brooks.  

Alex will be with MediaRoo over the summer months until he returns to University to do his Doctorate in nuclear…physics… particles…cosmos…something or other.  It’s a bit over my head if I’m honest, but if we all disappear into a wormhole, or your lights go out, you’ll know whose door to knock on.

It’s good to finally have some brains in the outfit, so I thought I would ask some questions so that we can get to know Alex a bit better…

Q: What have your first two weeks at MediaRoo been like?

A: It has been a great first few weeks at MediaRoo for me. Even though I only started at the beginning of July it already feels like I’ve been here for a couple of months, which either means I’ve had so much work that my perception of time has fallen apart or that I’m just having a really good time.

Q: What have you been focussing on, initially? 

A: There’s been plenty to keep me occupied and working. My main job at MediaRoo is to assist in the admin aspects of the business. All this means currently is that I am processing the “endless stream” of renewal documents and trying to alleviate Andrew’s workload, so he has more time to deal with clients personally.

Q: What have you been studying at university?

A: I have recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a MSci (Master of Science) in Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology. During these four years, I completed a variety of different lecture courses ranging from Quantum Field Theory to Current Topics in Particle Physics. Even though it was quite stressful at times, on the whole, it was pretty enjoyable. 

Q: That makes sense to me, obviously I understand all of that.  So, what are you going to study in September?

A: In September I will be starting a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Birmingham in the field of Nuclear Physics with a focus on fundamental nuclear structure measurements (which I am very excited for, although that might change after another four years!) Hopefully by the end of my time at Birmingham, I’ll be a little bit more knowledgeable, but only time will tell…  

Q: What’s harder – Nuclear Physics or Insurance Admin?

A: Probably depends on who you’re asking and on what day you’re asking them, although, with the amount of work required to run MediaRoo, I might have to give it to Insurance Admin!

Q: I’ll do the jokes here – OK, tell us more about yourself and your hobbies …

A: There isn’t a huge amount of stuff to say about me really, during my four years at university my time was typically always occupied with assignments, coursework, or revision for the degree. In the brief moments I wasn’t doing those things or attending lectures I was relaxing and trying not to think about physics. Sometimes I would go to a local climbing gym in Birmingham, although as time and money became more constrained as I entered my final year, I didn’t manage to do much of this. Very much a stereotypical physics student I suppose.

Q: Million-dollar question – Would you work for MediaRoo again in the future? 

A: Absolutely! Although it probably depends on if I’m allowed back, or if Andrew has had enough of me (I’m just kidding he’s already seen me at family gatherings and holidays, so he’s probably already had enough of me!) 

You’re always welcome back Alex – you’ve made such a strong start, and your help and attention to detail has already had a massive impact.  Thank you.

Alex will be working at MediaRoo until September 2023, at which point he returns to Uni to smash his Doctorate.  Good luck Alex!