MediaRoo Insurance Brokers – Designed To Be Different.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve been the Head of Film and Media (and Director, Media) for two of the largest independent insurance brokers in the UK. I built teams, created brands, developed exciting new products, and grew my part within the businesses.

And then I resigned.

So, why would I ditch the security of a salary, a pension, paid holiday and other benefits to strike out on my own? What on earth was I thinking?

Well, the truth is, I was thinking about what was missing as an insurance broker. Sure, we provide insurance policies and protection. We give risk advice to companies and productions.

But I wanted to do more.

I wanted to build a brokerage with a more holistic approach, not just focussing on the insurance needs of the client, but also adding value – making a difference in some way, helping my clients, my contacts, and the industry, all move on a step.

I wanted to help them get things done by going the extra mile.

And so, MediaRoo Insurance Brokers was born.

MediaRoo Insurance Brokers not only provides insurance to those in the media industry but also wants to add value through making connections within the industry. We try to solve people’s problems by building bridges, building a community.

We can provide you with insurance protection, advice, support and education – and we’re always happy to help!

For those burning issues outside of insurance that we can’t directly help you with, we will try our best to introduce you to other experts we know, who may be able to. We won’t charge for this service, and there’s no obligation to connect. We’re just happy to help.

It’s very early days for the business, and the signs are good. My old clients are already bringing their media insurance business to me, and new ones are getting in touch. Some very happy people have kindly referred me to their friends for insurance. In return, I have also been able to refer some of my clients (and some people who are not yet clients) to useful people I have come to know in the media industry over the years, as they may be able to help each other out, or do business together.

MediaRoo is built not only to offer first-class media insurance protection but also to bring together those in the creative, entertainment and film industries, in order to promote the UK Media Industry and help ‘get things done’.

We value the contribution of the Media Industry, as, without it, we wouldn’t exist.

So, let’s connect – even if you’re not looking for insurance right now, that’s fine. If you believe that you may have something to offer film and media clients, or the wider community (we all need lawyers, accountants, financiers and agents, or ‘something else’), then get in touch, as I’m always happy to have a chat, learn more about what you do, and see where it leads.

I look forward to hearing from you.