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When is a Media Insurance Broker not a Media Insurance Broker?

Firstly, can I say that I view myself very much as a media insurance broker. I’ve found an industry that I love, that I understand, and that I feel I can add value to. My clients are great, they trust me, and I ‘get’ them.

Before becoming a specialist, I was a general commercial insurance broker for more than a decade. I’d insure such things as silver-plating factories, MOT testing stations, food manufacturers, IT companies, pharmaceutical companies, recruitment companies, and I had clients involved in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. It was a good grounding in all things ‘commercial insurance’ and allowed me to help some very diverse businesses and learn a lot in the process.

At MediaRoo, I leverage this experience to help my clients place their non-media risks. Some of these are aligned to their core business, and others are just things that they’ve asked me to help with.

Here’s a flavour of what I’ve been up to recently:


Pleasure Craft Insurance (that’s ‘boat’ to you and me).

I was delighted when one of my clients asked me to insure their new boat. I was happy to do so as, many years ago, I looked after High Net Worth individuals, many of which had boats or yachts. I provided my client with hull and machinery cover, plus liability cover, for UK coastal and inland waters.

Now, just need permission to board…


Self-build/Renovation Insurance – property conversion

Another of my clients is currently (at the time of writing), converting their premises in order to create flats for onward rental. I was happy to provide cover, as I had a complete view of the property (insuring the business element as well as the residential) and was able to cover the cost of build, tools, materials, existing structure and of course liabilities, including cover for sub-contractors.

…Bet they love working in this heat!


Group Personal Accident and Travel Insurance

A non-media company I’ve known for a while required Group Personal Accident and Travel cover, and they wanted the Travel element to include both Business Travel and also Holidays.

I was able to source a policy for them that provides 24/7 Personal Accident Cover for the Directors in the business (so that they are protected all the time) and, in addition, it provides Personal Accident cover that is operative for everyone else insured whilst they are travelling.

The travel cover includes not only business trips, but also holiday trips the Directors take with their family members, with no pre-existing medical condition exclusion, or Winter Sports exclusion as standard.


Landlords Contents and Buildings Insurance

My client had a property that they rented out to tenants.

I was able to source them a policy that provided cover for the Building itself (with inflation protection), and their Contents in the property, as well as their liabilities as the property owner.

For good measure, I also arranged protection for their loss of rental income, so they are not out of pocket should something go wrong, and I provided them with Legal Expenses cover to defend themselves, should a dispute arise.


Anything else I can help you with?

Offering more than just a single service is very important to me and, although media insurance is my speciality, of course, I’m always more than happy to use one of the other strings to my bow to help you solve your particular problem.

Using this wide ‘gene-pool’ of experience not only allows me to help my media clients better, but also to help other prospective clients, who perhaps ‘just need a good insurance broker’ that is on their side.

If this sounds like you, you can get in touch with me here